A Ribbon for Sammi
In A Ribbon for Sammi, a young adult squirrel is looking for a new home after his old one is cut down.  He finds a cheery park that looks like the perfect place, and even meets a few inhabitants--but then he discovers scary red ribbons tied on trees, signaling the coming of the tree cutters who took down Sammi's first home.  Only this time, Sammi makes a discovery that can save the trees, if he can get a little help from an unlikely new friend.
Children will enjoy both Sammi's can-do spirit and his funny encounters with the eccentric residents of Maplewood Park.

A Ribbon for Sammi is dedicated to all students, in and outside my classroom, who blessed me with the good fortune to touch their lives, as they mine, in so many wonderful and reciprocal moments during the learning process.

Portsmouth, NH....June 14, 2009  
The Seacoast African American Cultural Center hosts a reception and book signing for author Royaline Edwards and illustrator Sheila Knight.
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