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Royaline dedicated herself to the nurturing of young minds for 34 years as an elementary teacher in Kittery, Maine, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Retiring in 1999, she continued her presence in education as an Artist in Residence in various schools on the New Hampshire Seacoast, working with teachers and students in the presentation of an original play, Listen to the Drums—A Tribute to Harriet Tubman.  She currently substitutes in schools in Kittery and Eliot, Maine.
She is married to Kelvin C. Edwards and together they have two grown children, Trent and Alysa.  Both are married with five children between them; Langston, Landon, Raina and Alfred Jenkins III, and Dylan Edwards.
The Artist in Residence Program was expanded to include a local theater in Portsmouth, NH.  Seeking a wider venue to bring the message of her play to the community, Royaline was asked by a theater representative if it could be presented during Black History month.   The first obstacle was how to get  former "Drum" thespians from the various schools to participate.  Receiving permission from the principals of targeted schools, letters sent home regarding the production proved successful, and before long, a cast was assembled which  included interested youth from the Seacoast Reperatory  Theater and other community organizations.
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